What I Do

Mobile Design

Offer simple, intuitive and responsive user interfaces to build a powerful presence in the digital world and let users get things done with less effort and time.

Web Design

Create clean, simple and minimalist website designs compatible with wide range of mobile and web platforms to achieve a user-friendly experience.


Help you build modern-looking and effective user interfaces combined high usability defined by grids, colors, fonts and backgrounds

"Not just about the design, it's about your clients, the stakeholders you're designing for"

— enrico

About Me

With more than 12 years in design, I manage to improved my knowledge, speed and skills providing intuitive, usable, engaging interactions and visual designs.
I have been freelancer for major companies and I have a passion that goes beyond designing.
I love what I do and I care about the product I am working on. I stay on top trends and pride myself to always stay unique

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email: enturqueza@gmail.com

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